Saturday, September 10, 2011

Updates September 11 2011

Coincidently an unfortunate day.
Didn't know there are so many people visiting this site, now I have a much better motivation to maintain this. (Try my best despite my busy schedule)
Yeah, I kinda haven't took a look and maintained the music list :S

Here's Music Thread #49 on pooshlmer

There was a "mini comiket" here, (well, it did import some comiket stuff) but the queue was so long that I went to other stalls and bought this instead ;_;

Anyone knows where I can get an InuSakuya plush?


  1. I'm seeing two on Ebay (same thing, though different eye colour) shipping from China, if that's of any help.

    Also don't know why many people visiting comes to you as a surprise, the spreadsheet's very helpful after all. :) Cheers for bead Sakuya.

  2. Waiting patiently for new content haha!